Trekking an adventure

So people who work out regularly, even for 15 to 20 minutes have the advantage for the moderate grade treks. The stop is for resting because the train rides in Myanmar are amazingly bumpy. Fergus — Christchurch, New Zealand — Everest Base Camp — March It was very reassuring to travel with such an honest and very professional person such as yourself.

Towards May climate gets more humid and occasional showers can be expected. These areas are secluded from the populated habitat. As per the trek difficulty level, you have to prepare your fitness. It is not a good idea to venture out into the mountains alone — unless you happen to be a distant relative of the mythical Himalayan yeti or an aspiring Reinhold Messner, the first person in the world to have climbed all fourteen m peaks, including the first oxygen-less ascent and later the first solo ascent of Everest.

We recommend taking a bus to Pyin Oo Lwin and jumping on the train from there to witness the breath-taking train journey but cutting it bit shorter.

Due to its remoteness and hard accessibility Chin state has stayed undiscovered by mass tourism. So you may have to camp in the desolated places in the midst of nature.

The main resource of income for the rural villages is tea cultivation and people are still living in simple conditions with strong traditions. Strenuous — For this level of the trek, fitness is necessary.

People who are working out regularly especially cardio, seems to be fine in this trek. It is also possible to arrange day trips to surrounding villages for the ones that want to stay overnight comfortably in Putao with western comforts such as warm shower.

Main activities of the area is exploring the nature and surrounding villages. Driest month is January with almost no rain and rainiest is August with daily rainfalls. Know more about popular options for Trekking in India.

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As you may have to gain high altitude till meters in trekking with several days activity, you have to be physically and mentally strong enough.

We are an expert team and look forward to speaking to you! The journey is made local style with Tuktuk or motorbike taxi and is a small adventure of its own. This season is still fascinating for those interested in the flora and fauna as the rain make the nature flourish.

Travelling to Chin state Some parts of Chin are still off limits for tourists and due to bad road condition Chin state is quite hard place to move around. But there are plenty of gentler and smaller trails, at different altitudes, both in the mountains and in the forests.

For mountain-lovers, trekking is the magic word. One quite popular and recommended trek is from Pindaya to Kalaw. The colourful main market is a place worth visiting with all village people gathering to trade their local goods.

These treks continue 1 to 2 weeks. Situated next to Mandalay-Lashio road Hsipaw is easily reachable with buss from Mandalay aprrox. We take pride in giving you a highly personalized service with the best value for money. To answer the question outright, we believe the best time to trek to Machu Picchu is from May to September when the weather is driest The lake in the middle of the town gives a nice calming feature to the atmosphere of Pindaya.

Your fitness plays the cardinal role whether you will be successful to complete the trek. Challenging The categorization has been made as per the height and the gradient of the trail.

Public transportation in the area is still in poor condition and we recommend going there by private car or on guided tour. The last Shan prince disappeared during military coup in and today his nephew and his wife are taking care of the mansion and gladly give insights of the History of Shan state.

The nature of the area varies a lot due to different altitudes but it is mostly thick with subtropical forests, bamboo groves and sub-alpine species with veins of clear mountain creeks running through the valleys. If walking is not your thing, then check out some of our cycling options.Whether your are looking for a challenge, a breath of fresh air, a cultural escape or a group adventure, we can plan the perfect trekking trip for you.

Let us take you on the most unforgettable adventure! Trekking Adventures give you trips that are life-changing, and as much of a challenge as you want. You learn a lot about yourself as well as learning about the rest of the world.

Undertaking one of our trips will enrich your life and encourage personal growth. Adventure Nation provides amazing trekking tours packages at best prices. Book now and get best deals for trekking tours packages. Pleasure and realization. A mixture of adventure pleasure and self realization, trekking in Munnar mountains is an experience of a lifetime!

Excellent experience with trekking and adventure activities. Trekking in Nepal is one of the most amazing adventure activities in the world in addition to the climbing expeditions to the Himalayan peaks.

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The rugged trails in the mountains with unparalleled, breathtaking views of the Himalayas are incredibly popular for adventure trekking in Nepal. Kandoo Adventures Plan your perfect adventure with Kandoo. Kandoo Adventures | High Altitude Experts.

The Annapurna massif offers some fantastic trekking opportunities and the Annapurna Circuit trek is generally ranked as one of .

Trekking an adventure
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