Lab report on micrococcus luteus


Its cell wall is made of peptidoglycans linked together by amino-acids which would explain its ability to absorb the dark-blue or violet stains. Usually, one can tip the tube and immediately tell if the tube is solid or not. If the tube is purple, then the pH of the media is near neutral.

Solar and personal UV monitoring By summing the biologically effective irradiance over the exposure period, the biologically effective radiant exposure J m-2 effective can be calculated.

Further tests that I would do would be testing how much heat resistance it has, the density of a broth suspended sample using a dilution series, test for more antibiotic resistances, and how well it can grow in antibacterial mediums and mediums of different pH levels.

While wearing protective clothing, gently cover the spill with absorbent paper towel and apply appropriate disinfectant, starting at perimeter and working towards the centre. Obtain a beaker that contains 9 mg of M.

The cells were disrupted in a Braun homogenizer by agitation with glass beads. No immunological or biochemical detection techniques are currently available. The cell wall specimens contained no or a trace amount of amino acids other than those constituting peptidoglycans.

Lab Report

Factors affecting solar UV levels 3. The consequences of this added UV exposure are considered so serious that it was a major topic for discussion at the World Environment Conference, held in Rio de Janeiro in Humans and animals ubiquitous in the environment 23.

Strains AH and AH are packet-forming mutants lacking teichuronic acids which are a component of M. The bubbles usually rise to the surface and pop at the first disturbance, so they are difficult to see. UV exposure also prevents the development of protection immunity to a variety of infections in mice and rats.

While collecting the data, plot the data on a graph, absorbance y-axis vs. Some Micrococcus are pigmented bacteria; for example, M.

The UV-attenuating properties of different diffusers is demonstrated by the measurement data in table 3. Figure 1 View large Download slide Induction of anaphylactoid reactions and serum cytokines by M.

Alternatively the moving electron may not impart sufficient energy for ionization, but instead may impart energy to raise the electrons of the gas to an excited higher energy level. Its position in the spectrum can be characterised by wavelength and it is quantified using radiometric quantities and units.

Some luminaires incorporate opal diffusing sides and a clear figured [controller] base. Adjust the wavelength to nm. In January in the northern hemisphere or July in the southern hemisphere when the solar elevation is low, direct UV travels a longer path through the atmosphere and a large amount of scattering occurs.

Wash your hands before leaving the lab. In experimental animals UV causes predominantly squamous cell carcinomas. In this study, we examined the cytokine-inducing activity of M. Place the cuvette back in the spectrophotometer and observe the absorbance for about 15 seconds.

Gram-positive organisms cause septic shock without the involvement of endotoxin, and the incidence of sepsis by Gram-positive bacteria has increased [21]. Sincere thanks to Christine Cornish and Nancy Smith for their assistance in the preparation of this text.

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To start isolating the bacterium, I used a sterile swab wet with deionized water provided by the lab to pick up bacteria from the shower drain. The incandescent lamp is the oldest type of electric lamp still in common use. When performing tests for physiological traits, the results were limited.04/29/ G-Unknown code Gram Positive-Micrococcus luteus Gram Negative- Klebsiella pneumoniae Unknown Paper The unknown project was a very good realization of me and my partner going out by our selves.

The very first day Unknown Lab Report #1 Unknown #1 April Learn more about biochemical test and identification of enterococcus faecalis.

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All techniques and procedures done as laid out in the LAB MANUAL BIO by MCDONLD in UCLA. MS Microbio student reporting. 🙂.

Why are biochemical tests so important to the laboratory work of microbiologists?

(If you do not have a lab partner, it is recommended that you repeat this test with a second tube.) so sterilization must be controlled carefully. Litmus milk must have a starting pH ofor it may not work. stormy fermentation, some strains also reduction), Micrococcus luteus (no change), Staphylococcus epidermidis (acid clot and.


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Lab report on micrococcus luteus
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