Esl business email writing activities

Electronic mail is a relatively new medium of communication that is experiencing exploding growth in the U. This site provides a variety of materials, including vocabulary and grammar reference, practice exercises, and coaching on writing for various business audiences.

Students relay telephone messages in this business information gap. There are many reasons why using e-mail is advantageous for the student and the teacher in the writing class. For the next class, I put them into groups based on who they chose and had them brainstorm reasons.

That worksheet focuses on business emails but there are others that would be appropriate for younger or non-business students too. With the click of a mouse modern e-mail software allows groupings of messages by student name, by date received, or by project name. The readers define the vocabulary words and answer the questions for homework, preparing to discuss their answers in class.

In a chart, students classify given phrases into the following categories: Ask your students to order the rules according to their importance and justify their decision. Some of these characteristics might be in an informal email: You can use this worksheet in a lesson about polite business letters for your adult upper-intermediate students.

Purdue Online Writing Lab: The lessons include specific grammar rules, like using appropriate tenses, with written exercises and audio recordings. Parapal Online helps ESL students learn business vocabulary through multiple choice quizzes and exercises.

They also make some questions of their own for the discussion. This site allows students to test their English comprehension and writing skill by rearranging words to form sentences.

Business email writing lesson plan

Here is the assignment handout. Each lesson includes listen and repeat audio, a quiz and a follow-up activity.

Business Writing Worksheets

I had them discuss their choice in groups, then freewrite about it for homework. Not even the best writers get it right the first time. Typically, teachers often receive dozens of papers, assignments, and pieces of correspondence from their students each term.

It was a good idea to pair the students up and have them self-correct their emails, but I still needed to offer a lot of explanation, clarification and correction which took a lot of time my classes were between 4 and 8 students and I would definitely like to streamline the procedure in the future.

This site also includes a library of business letters. Nearly every major university in the United States provides Internet e-mail for its staff and students. Becker, an emeritus professor at the University of North Iowa. Freewrites Another similar optional homework assignment is a freewrite.

ESL Gold presents ESL resources including vocabulary guides and textbook recommendations as well as lessons categorized by skill level, from low beginning to advanced.

For example, apostrophes are only used to indicate possession or omitted letters in a contraction, not to indicate plural. This can give students self-confidence and eventually improve their writing ability.

This could be in a lab, over a campus network, or across the Internet. Knowing English is beneficial in many ways, especially if you're looking for public school jobs.

Before they start writing, you might invent professionally sounding email addresses for each person from the exercise. On this page, ESL students can practice their English comprehension by listening to spoken sentences and typing what they hear.Below, you can find a variety of activities that can be used in different types of classes.

These activities are not content specific and work on a variety of skills. All these worksheets and activities for teaching Business writing have been designed by English language teachers. English, Math & Science Games - Add energy to your classrooms!

Math, Science & ESL Games review exercises for primary learners. Business English ESL Worksheets and Activities Job Skills and Qualifications: A one-hour information gap activity where students interview each.

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The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University houses writing resources and instructional material, and we provide these as a free service of the Writing Lab at Purdue. Did you know that your students can review the target language from our worksheets with our Expemo flashcard app?

To let your student know, just enter their email address below (multiple emails can be separated with a comma).

How to Write a Business Email: Activity 2 of 3

Writing exercises for learners and teachers of English as a foreign language.

Esl business email writing activities
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