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In essence, it is clear to say that every approach have a set of methods that is sort of distinguishable through which political studies are carried out and analysis are made. It is better to check the destructiveness of power politics.


The traditional approaches had earlier been discussed in details; efforts will now be made to look into the other modern approaches. Politics has its roots in conflict and social relations. History provides the chronological order of every political event and thereby helps in future estimation of events also.

Thus we can say that values, principles or eternal ideas relating to politics or function of state constituted the central idea of normative approach to the study of politics.

To put it in other words, the philosophical approach helps us to the acquainted with the political ideologies of past centuries. After deciding the principles or general objectives the state proceeds to implement them. It attempts to make political science scientific and brings it closer to the day to day life of the individuals.

Study of such regularities makes political science more scientific with some predictive value. Or it ought to do it. The Meaning and Origin of Normativeness: For its dependence on techniques, and methods ignoring the subject matter. Thus, the main thrust of post-behaviouralism has been to make Political Science relevant to the society.

The advocates of this approach include both ancient and modern political thinkers. Each unit of federation pursues its policies to some extent independently. In other words, this approach says that norms or principles are to be followed in practice and the aim of such norms is to make the political organisation acceptable to all or majority people.

Examples of thinkers who embodied this approach include Cicero and Jeremy Bentham. It has its roots in the social process.

Political Sociology Approach for the Study of Politics – Essay

Benthy, though for different reasons. From the inside, the practitioners were of different minds as what it was that constituted behavioralism. The students of political science are studying and comparing.

This is also the definition of politics. In his own words: The approaches are set up by the political scientists according to their own view and field of study in politics. They consider decision trees and path dependenceterms of art meaning the effects that one decision has to limit the available future choices for any political actor or institution.

The supporters of this approach have interpreted politics narrowly. This suffice therefore to reaffirm that we cannot establish a disconnect between value and research because even the choice of a problem is a value.

Therefore, they emphasize testing and verifying everything. Sabine is of the view that Political Science should include all those subjects which have been discussed in the writings of different political thinkers from the time of Plato.

Accordingly, this analysis regards comprehensiveness, interdependence and boundaries as the three properties of the political system.

Therefore, this approach is concerned with the legal process, legal bodies or institutions, justice and independence of judiciary.

The success and failure will determine the nature, credibility, acceptability of the state or government. So some would define behavioralism as an attempt to apply the methods of natural sciences to human behavior.

According to the behaviouralists, Political Science should not be separated from various other social sciences like history, sociology and economics etc.

Their argument was that individuals run the state and in order to understand state actions, one needs to understand the behavior of these individuals that run the state, their reasons, emotions, prejudice, institutions and dispositions. Morgenthau has further observed that it will be a futile effort to try to eliminate the power politics from social life, because it is beyond the ability of any authority.

Their method is historical, but they have interpreted the documents liberally. Not only government, most of the institutions and institutional activities within the state are moulded by the group activities to a large extent.

History tells us how government, political parties and many other institutions worked, their successes and failures and from these we receive lessons which guide us in determining the future course of action.

According to Aristotle, man is by nature a social animal and his sociability is the prime reason of the emergence of political organisation which is called state.

The Organizational Basis of Politics The traditional approaches to Political Science was widely prevalent till the outbreak of the Second World War. These approaches were mainly related to the traditional view of politics which emphasized the study of the state and government.

Political Sociology approach holds that the study of politics should essentially begin with the study of man and society. Politics can be really analysed as a process through which conflicts among men (groups and classes) get resolved and reconciled for securing.

INTRODUCTION Before studying different approaches to political science, it must be remembered that political science is a branch of a larger area of social sciences and is different from natural sciences.

The methods and approaches to the study of political science and other social science discipline are, therefore, different from the methods.

SOME BASIC CONCEPTS AND APPROACHES IN THE STUDY OF INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Robert “Robin” H. Dorff participation in virtually all aspects of political affairs and to the emergence of a new form of government, Some Basic Concepts And Approaches In The Study Of International Politics.

Essay on the Structural-Functional Approach to Study Political Science

Essay on the Structural-Functional Approach to Study Political Science Article shared by The Structural-Functional Approach seeks to study politics as a system of interactions, i.e., Political System. Behaviouralism is an approach in political science, which emerged in the s in the United States.

It represents a sharp break from previous political science. This is because it emphasized an objective, quantified approach to explain and predict political behaviour.

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Approaches to the study of political
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