Amir s redemption in the kite runner

There, Amir meets fellow refugee Soraya Taheri and her family. Finally, at the novel's end, Amir runs the kite for Sohrab. We had both sinned and betrayed. I did not intend this, but I am keenly interested, it appears, in the way parents and children love, disappoint, and in the end honor each other.

One day, he prepares to attack Amir with brass knucklesbut Hassan defends Amir, threatening to shoot out Assef's eye with his slingshot. Her secret was out. Soraya is a young Afghan woman whom Amir meets and marries in the United States.

In contrast with this, the most loving relationship between father and son we see is that of Hassan and Sohrab.

Two of Farid's seven children were killed by a land mine, a disaster which mutilated three fingers on his left hand and also took some of his toes.

How does Amir gain redemption in The Kite Runner?

Assef agrees to relinquish him if Amir can beat him in a fight. He was one of the kids I grew up with flying kites. When the Taliban take over after that, they murder Hassan and even give Assef a position that lets him indulge his sadism and sexual urges without repercussions.

Farid is a taxi driver who is initially abrasive toward Amir, but later befriends him. Before meeting Amir, she ran away with an Afghan boyfriend in Virginia, which, according to Afghan tradition, made her unsuitable for marriage.

To make up for her neglect, she provides a grandmother figure for Sohrab, Hassan's son. They learn that a Taliban official comes to the orphanage often, brings cash, and usually takes a girl away with him. Show him once and for all that his son was worthy.

How does Amir gain redemption in The Kite Runner?

Occasionally he chooses a boy, recently Sohrab. He is described as having a China doll face, green eyes, and a harelip. Amir is freed of the daily reminder of his cowardice and betrayal, but he still lives in their shadow. The Monster in the Lake Related Themes: Sohrab helps Amir out of the house, where he passes out and wakes up in a hospital.

He enigmatically tells Amir, "There is a way to be good again. She felt that Hosseini was too focused on fully redeeming the protagonist in Part III and in doing so created too many unrealistic coincidences that allowed Amir the opportunity to undo his past wrongs.

Some of our cousins died. He had always known. One died in a fuel truck trying to escape Afghanistan [an incident that Hosseini fictionalises in The Kite Runner]. America was a river, roaring along, unmindful of the past. Chapter 3 Quotes Because the truth of it was, I always felt like Baba hated me a little.

He rapes Hassan to get revenge on Amir. Their relationship experiences its own strains as Sohrab, who is recovering from the loss of his parents and the abuse he suffered, has trouble opening up to Amir.LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in The Kite Runner, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work.

The quest for redemption makes up much of the novel’s plot, and expands as a theme to include both the personal and the political. Amir, a well-to-do Pashtun boy, and Hassan, a Hazara who is the son of Ali, Amir's father's servant, spend their days kite fighting in the hitherto peaceful city of Kabul.

Hassan is a successful "kite runner" for Amir; he knows where the kite will land without watching it. The main character of The Kite Runner, Amir, knows a thing or two about making mistakes.

What he struggles with throughout the novel is finding redemption for those mistakes. Throughout all stages of Amir’s life, he is striving for redemption. In Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner, Amir, a young boy living in Afghanistan, feels like he needs to be redeemed in his father's eyes due to some kind of distance that Amir doesn't thoroughly.

ISU: Redemption It is only natural for humans to make mistakes, just like Amir in the novel The Kite Runner, but it is how the mistakes are resolved that will dictate ones fate.

The scar symbolizes Amir's quest for redemption as well as his equivalence with Hassan. Amir's guilt is put at rest and he has finally found a way of "becoming good again".

One of the first conflicts introduced is Amir's guilt for supposedly killing his mother.

Amir s redemption in the kite runner
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