12 angrey men is a movie

At the end of the film, he reveals to Juror 9 that his name is Davis, one of only two jurors to reveal his name; played by Henry Fonda. He is polite and makes a point of speaking with proper English grammar.

Juror 9 Hume Cronyn: An angry Juror 3 accuses Juror 5, who grew up in a slum, of changing his vote out of sympathy towards slum children. He is the fourth to vote "not guilty"; played by George Voskovec. A businessman with a hot temper. A businessman and distraught father, opinionated, disrespectful and stubborn with a temper.

He is the second to vote "not guilty". A complete kinescope of that performance, which had been missing for years and was feared lost, was discovered in Throughout the film it appears that he cares little about the arguments being made; his greatest concern is get to a verdict in time to make it to the evening baseball game; played by Jack Warden.

Juror 8 argues that reasonable doubt exists, and that he therefore cannot vote "guilty", but concedes that he has merely hung the jury. Juror 7 Tony Danza: An architect who is very quiet, and has two children.

12 angrey men is a movie edit ] The twelve jurors are referred to — and seated — in the order below: An assistant high school American football coach. A house painter; he is patient and respectful of what other people have to say. All jurors leave and the defendant is found not-guilty off-screen, while Juror 8 helps the distraught Juror 3 with his coat in a show of compassion.

When the remaining "guilty" voters are pressed to explain themselves, Juror 4 states that, despite all the previous evidence, the woman from across the street who saw the killing still stands as solid evidence.

Lumet stated that his intention in using these techniques with cinematographer Boris Kaufman was to create a nearly palpable claustrophobia. Outside, Jurors 8 Davis and 9 McCardle exchange names, and all of the jurors descend the courthouse steps to return to their individual lives.

The sole holdout is Juror 8, played by Henry Fonda. He is the only juror to change his vote more than once during deliberations, initially voting "guilty", and changing three times. A man who grew up in a violent slum, and does not take kindly to insults about his upbringing.

By the end of the film, nearly everyone is shown in closeup, using telephoto lenses from a lower angle, which decreases or "shortens" depth of field. He mentions that he has three children.

A stockbroker; he is very eloquent and looks at the case more coherently than the other jurors: A man who grew up in a violent slum, and does not take kindly to insults about his upbringing.

After he points this out, Juror 12 changes his vote back to "guilty" to make the vote again. His real name is Davis. Jurors 12 and 1 then change their votes, leaving only three dissenters: Juror 5 Jack Klugmanlike the defendant a product of "the streets," hopes that his guilty vote will distance himself from his past.

He is the sixth to vote "not guilty"; played by Edward Binns. He becomes close friends with Juror 9 at the end of the film. Weiler of The New York Times wrote, "It makes for taut, absorbing, and compelling drama that reaches far beyond the close confines of its jury room setting.

Plot[ edit ] When the final closing arguments in a murder trial have been presented to the judge, she gives her instructions to the jury, all of whom are men.

12 Angry Men (Twelve Angry Men)

Juror 12 then reverts his vote, making the vote 8—4. The experiment proves the possibility but Juror 5 then steps up and demonstrates the correct way to hold and use a switchblade; revealing that anyone skilled with a switchblade, as the boy would be, would always stab underhanded at an upwards angle against an opponent who was taller than them, as the grip of stabbing downwards would be too awkward and the act of changing hands too time consuming.

A health care worker possibly an EMT ; he is from the Harlem slums; he connects with the man at trial and is disgusted at the bigotry of Juror Juror 8 argues that the noise of a passing train would have obscured the verbal threat that one witness claimed to have heard the boy tell his father "I'm going to kill you".

An architect and the first to vote "not guilty". However, if at least one juror voted "not guilty", then they would continue deliberating. The final vote is unanimous for acquittal.

Juror 8 accuses him of being a sadist.

Twelve Angry Men Questions and Answers

The twelve jurors retire to the jury room, having been admonished that the defendant is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.If you truly admire TWELVE ANGRY MEN (which I do), then I might recommend seeking the corresponding episode in the television series of THE DEAD ZONE.

TWELVE ANGRY MEN was re-scripted, somewhat, for this sci-fi television program. Anthony Michael Hall plays the Henry Fonda role/5().

12 Angry Men (Twelve Angry Men)

12 Angry Men is a movie that involves a murder case. A young male is on trial for the murder of his father. The gentleman's life is in the hands of twelve jurors/5(15).

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12 Angry Men () NR. CC.

Prime Video. 12 Angry Men (), or Twelve Angry Men (), is the gripping, penetrating, and engrossing examination of a diverse group of twelve jurors (all male, mostly middle-aged, white, and generally of middle-class status) who are uncomfortably brought together to deliberate after hearing the 'facts' in.

The movie Twelve Angry Men is the more powerful performance and better depicts the natures of the individual jurors and their biases. In a review for this movie, the critics' consensus is.

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12 angrey men is a movie
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